Environmental Responsibility is Value

At D.R.Dimes & Company, Ltd., environmental policy has been a matter of good business since our inception almost 50 years ago. Virtually 100% of our raw materials are locally-grown and renewable. The fact is that our products are designed and crafted to have a useful cycle decades in length. Almost every piece we make will last long enough for the trees they were made from to completely grow back. We maximize our raw materials, minimize our waste, we recycle, reduce and reuse. Over 99% of our scrap wood is recycled for energy and over 99% of our wood shavings are used for agriculture.

In most cases, "environmentally-friendly" products are more expensive. In our case, nothing could be further from the truth. Our furniture is not inexpensive initially, but represents an extraordinary value over the long run. Our furniture will provide both beauty and utility many times longer than traditional institutional furniture resources. Investing in D.R.DIMES institutional furniture satisfies sustainable design and construction policies as well as environmentally responsible purchasing initiatives.

If you have any questions about our products or policies please feel free to contact us.